Snook’n on the Beach


One of my favorite ways to target snook in the summer time is sight casting them on the beaches! During the summer, when the snook spawn begins, snook move from the backwaters towards the inlets, passes, and beaches. From my experience, it seems the west coast snook spawn about a month earlier than the east coast snook so I spend a good amount of summer fishing the west coast. snook on the beachAs you walk the beach you can see cruising fish just beyond the first trough or on the breaking white wash from waves. Blind casting will get the job done but sight casting them is the most efficient since you can see the snook swimming by. When fishing the beach for snook during daylight hours I always fish a light 30lb fluorocarbon leader — these fish can be very picky and finicky at times.  A multitude of baits will work — everything from jig, swim baits, and soft plastics, but my favorite baits so far have been the Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow in the red and white pattern and the Yo Zuri 3DS Minnow in all white. These two baits have been the most effective and have produced the most numbers for me. When fishing the beach my favorite rod and reel combo is my Gloomis Pro Green 7′ 4″ 10-17 paired with a Shimano Stradic FJ 4000 Spooled with 20 Lb Diawa x4 J braid.

Every area is different and some places can be better than others. Make sure to keep a good track of the tide on the times you do best so you can figure out a pattern and stay on the bite between trips. Different beaches will be better on different tides just keep at it and you can easily dial the bite in over a few trips. Good luck out there hopefully you will enjoy fishing the beach as much as I do.

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