Shimano Twin Power SW8000PG Review

The Shimano Twin Power Spinning Reel SW8000PG is my favorite spinning reel on the market! This reel is an absolute work horse and is a pleasure to fish with every time I use it — I have yet to find a spinning reel on the market with more stopping power than the Twin Power. Before purchasing the Twin Power, I was using the PENN Slammer III Spinning which is a great reel but unfortunately I lost it to the water after one night fishing on the boat. Instead of buying another Penn I decided to upgrade to the Twin Power and its been the best choice I’ve made. The 8000 size has an incredible 62 pounds of locked down drag with a 10+1 ball bearing system and a line retrieval rate of 37 inches per crank making this reel is perfect for any application from bottom fishing, vertical jigging, and tuna popping, to my personal favorite, throwing jigs and swim baits for big tarpon & snook — this work horse gets it done!

What I Use:

Momoi 33580 Diamond Leader Spool
Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line
Shimano SE Teramar Spinning Rods (TMS66MH) (XXH)

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