Skipping The Mangroves In The Florida Everglades

Growing up in South Florida, one of my favorite types of fishing was skipping baits into the mangroves and today I still love it more than ever! I am blessed to live just miles away from the Florida Everglades and growing up I did most of my fishing there. There is a multitude of gamefish … Continue reading Skipping The Mangroves In The Florida Everglades

Snook’n on the Beach

One of my favorite ways to target snook in the summer time is sight casting them on the beaches! During the summer, when the snook spawn begins, snook move from the backwaters towards the inlets, passes, and beaches. From my experience, it seems the west coast snook spawn about a month earlier than the east coast snook so … Continue reading Snook’n on the Beach

Shimano Twin Power SW8000PG Review

The Shimano Twin Power Spinning Reel SW8000PG is my favorite spinning reel on the market! This reel is an absolute work horse and is a pleasure to fish with every time I use it -- I have yet to find a spinning reel on the market with more stopping power than the Twin Power. Before … Continue reading Shimano Twin Power SW8000PG Review