Yellow Mouth Top Water Munchers

Targeting speckled sea trout on my kayak is always a blast! My favorite way to target these fish is with hard plastic top water plugs. Sea trout may not be the hardest fighting fish by any means but there explosive top water strikes make up for anything they lack in that department. When targeting speckled sea trout on my kayak I look for moving water(ettys,slicks etc) at the end of channel or creek mouths. I like to fan cast the area using heddon spooks bomber badonkadonks Mirrorlure top dogs and various propeller and popper style baits. I like to anchor or power pole down quietly as possible and work the area methodically untill I get my first strike, trout normally come in bunches so when you find one more then likely there are plenty more. Watching the voracious strike from these fish never gets old the way they “pop” your plug is really like no other then you see a gnarly head shake and a big ole’ yellow mouth hence the nick name yellow mouth.  When targeting specs I like to use light tackle 2500 and 3000 size reels 10 lb braid and 20 lb florocarbine leader and a medium light action rod 7′ or 7’6″ foot rod are always best to make nice long casts. Trout are also great table fare but make sure to always abide by the law when taking legal size fish and the limit. If you have anymore questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will gladly reply! Now get out there, get that topwater clicking and catch that trophy speckled sea trout! Tight lines.

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