Welcome to My New Website!


To all who know me, thanks for the continued support! As you can see my old blog lookyakatit.blogspot.com has been changed.– Welcome to http://www.devgoesfishing.com!

To all who do not know me, my name’s Devin Tejada, I live in South Florida and I love to fish!

I made this blog to document my fishing adventures, review products, share stories, as well as, share some interesting tips that I’ve learned along the way that make me a better angler.

My favorite fish to catch is Snook — I’m always chasing that thump!

I travel as much as I can fishing wherever I can. (Always up for suggestions)

By sharing my adventures and stories I hope to inspire and encourage people to explore the outdoors and hopefully meet some cool people along the way!

Follow me on social media & subscribe to my blog to get updates for new content!

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/devgoesfishing
Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/devgoesfishing

Tight Lines!

Devin Tejada

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