Snook Fishing in South Florida

Snook are an amazingly powerful, hard striking, and hard fighting fish. Whether your targeting them with weedless soft plastic application belly crawling flats, trolling channels with hard plastic plugs or soaking baits on bottom there are a multitude of ways to target this sought after line sided fish. My favorite and most affective way to target them throughout Florida has been fishing a flair hawk jig or live shrimp and jig head application. When looking for snook I look for an area with high current and structure(bridges,passes,inlets,spillways etc.) any area with moving water. Snook will feed by sitting behind structure in high current areas waiting for weak baitfish and other baits to come by. Knowing that will help you get your bait or lure in the correct place to get that thump! An affective way to target them is to find your favorite rock jetty and slowly work bottom cast into the current and slowly work your favorite lure back toward you. Targeting snook is all about covering ground when your a land based fisherman so fan cast the area be methodical, but don’t waste too much time. Snook are a very tide dependent fish and feed on tides and location depending on tide changes. My average night consits of at least five different locations chasing the tide accordingly. Once you learn the tide for your area and how to match that with your preferred method of targeting these fish bites will come more and more consistently. 
Tight Lines!


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