Reel Review: Penn Spinfisher 6500 SSV

This reel is a great ” bang for your buck” reel. With a max drag of 30lbs and a line retrieval of 39inches per crank it has enough speed to put a real whoop in’ on big fish. Myself I’ve caught 100 pound tarpon  40″ snook and grouper on this reel and it held strong. With a weight of 21.3 ounces it’s not the most light weight reel in the game, but the things a tank with a full metal body it pretty much just won’t die. Holding up to 280 yards of 50lb braid it has great line capacity for when you do hook those monster fish and the drag power to back it up. Another great addition to this reel is the water tight seals. This would be a great reel for anyone fishing offshore or a kayak angler. The Spinfisher is made for abuse and won’t cry over a little splash of water here and there.with 5+1 bearing and a 5:6:1 gear ratio this reel means business. And will stop at nothing to keep bringing in the fish for you.  Stay tuned for my next reel review of the Shimano Stradic FJ 6000. Tight lines everyone!

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