Big Bass Deep in the Swamp

Targeting large mouth bass was always a favorite of mine growing up, and there are many techniques you can use to target these big bucket mouth bruisers. In this post I will be explaining how to fish for them using soft plastic worms Texas rigged. A go to of mine when I want to put up numbers and size. My favorite worm style is a Gary Yamamoto Senko June bug or ox blood color, baby bass and even watermelon red. I like to fish the Texas rig in heavy structure pitching it with a 1/8 oz- 1/2 oz free flowing bullet weight depending on water depth temperature and feeding pattern. Most bites you get on the Texas rig come on the drop, so proper placement is a must you have to make almost the perfect cast to get your bait into the strike zone. Normally I’ll work a deep shoreline pitching the worm into Lilly’s or on a tree line with fallen trees or where the trees overhang the waterline giving these big bass a place to hide when the predate on smaller baits. Make multiple casts and work the area well once you find a pattern stick to it and you will begin to find the bigger fish holding togther. Sometimes these big fish can be finicky and picky normally I use a 20 lb florocarbine leader and a medium light action rod to help me place the bait in the perfect place, steady dragging or bouncing bottom on my retrieve back. Now that you know my favorite way to target big bass in the swamp you can give it a try! Good luck and tight lines!

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