SpoolTek Lures

  SpoolTek lures are one of the newest and most innovative swim baits on the market and can be used to target a multitude of predatory game fish species. The SpoolTek comes equipped with a wheel shaped mechanism that retrieves your wire leader after it is deployed between fish. When you purchase one bait it also comes … Continue reading SpoolTek Lures

Silver Kings On Artificial

The massive and powerful Silver King aka the Tarpon, is one of the most sought after inshore game fish species here in South Florida. Whether it's on fly, spinning, casting or conventional your always guaranteed one thing-- A FIGHT! In South Florida's amazing fishery, you can find Tarpon in almost any body of water since … Continue reading Silver Kings On Artificial

Skipping The Mangroves In The Florida Everglades

Growing up in South Florida, one of my favorite types of fishing was skipping baits into the mangroves and today I still love it more than ever! I am blessed to live just miles away from the Florida Everglades and growing up I did most of my fishing there. There is a multitude of gamefish … Continue reading Skipping The Mangroves In The Florida Everglades

Snook’n on the Beach

One of my favorite ways to target snook in the summer time is sight casting them on the beaches! During the summer, when the snook spawn begins, snook move from the backwaters towards the inlets, passes, and beaches. From my experience, it seems the west coast snook spawn about a month earlier than the east coast snook so … Continue reading Snook’n on the Beach

Shimano Twin Power SW8000PG Review

The Shimano Twin Power Spinning Reel SW8000PG is my favorite spinning reel on the market! This reel is an absolute work horse and is a pleasure to fish with every time I use it -- I have yet to find a spinning reel on the market with more stopping power than the Twin Power. Before … Continue reading Shimano Twin Power SW8000PG Review

Welcome to My New Website!

To all who know me, thanks for the continued support! As you can see my old blog lookyakatit.blogspot.com has been changed.-- Welcome to http://www.devgoesfishing.com! To all who do not know me, my name's Devin Tejada, I live in South Florida and I love to fish! I made this blog to document my fishing adventures, review … Continue reading Welcome to My New Website!

Yellow Mouth Top Water Munchers

Targeting speckled sea trout on my kayak is always a blast! My favorite way to target these fish is with hard plastic top water plugs. Sea trout may not be the hardest fighting fish by any means but there explosive top water strikes make up for anything they lack in that department. When targeting speckled … Continue reading Yellow Mouth Top Water Munchers

Stalking Pumpkins on the Flats

Launching your kayak at first light as you make the paddle tword your favorite flat you see wading birds fly by. You feel the cool brisk morning air as the fog lifts and rolls passed your paddles. Your like a predator in there natural habitat. The water is calm and slicked out nobody is around … Continue reading Stalking Pumpkins on the Flats

Big Bass Deep in the Swamp

Targeting large mouth bass was always a favorite of mine growing up, and there are many techniques you can use to target these big bucket mouth bruisers. In this post I will be explaining how to fish for them using soft plastic worms Texas rigged. A go to of mine when I want to put … Continue reading Big Bass Deep in the Swamp

Snook Fishing in South Florida

Snook are an amazingly powerful, hard striking, and hard fighting fish. Whether your targeting them with weedless soft plastic application belly crawling flats, trolling channels with hard plastic plugs or soaking baits on bottom there are a multitude of ways to target this sought after line sided fish. My favorite and most affective way to … Continue reading Snook Fishing in South Florida

Welcome to my Blog

As an avid fisherman I constantly get asked questions about gear, technique, locations, etc. Ive decided to create a blog to share my experiences, give tips, and answer the questions that people have been dying for me to answer. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment! Tight lines!   Devin

Reel Review: Penn Spinfisher 6500 SSV

This reel is a great " bang for your buck" reel. With a max drag of 30lbs and a line retrieval of 39inches per crank it has enough speed to put a real whoop in' on big fish. Myself I've caught 100 pound tarpon  40" snook and grouper on this reel and it held strong. … Continue reading Reel Review: Penn Spinfisher 6500 SSV

Reel Review: Fin-Nor Lethal LT60

This is my secondary reel(backup) but every time I use this reel I'm more and more impressed, for the $100 price tag this reel can't be beat. With a carbon fiber mega drag system and 30lbs of drag this reel is a true work horse. With an all aluminum corrosion resistant body it's lightweight but stacked … Continue reading Reel Review: Fin-Nor Lethal LT60